Today’s Word: ‘resilient’  as in… I’ve been in a small group with seven spectacular high school students since last September.

We’ve been meeting once each month to explore the seven rhythms of thriving young lives. Taking each one in turn as we go, we’ve been exploring what it means to move with thoughtful purpose toward a deepened sense of identity—that we are spirited, creative, and connected, called to be present and grateful as we become more generous and missional people. The intention is to discover more of what it means to live with purpose into this particular series of life rhythms that help us bring our best to each day, our best to each moment, and our best to each other as we encounter the world around us.

I don’t want it to end.

These young people have breathed so much life and aliveness into me and one another through this experience. But lately, they’ve had their lives interrupted. Again!

They’ve had to adjust to the world around them and do everything differently, which they do seamlessly. Even in the midst of the current challenges, they’ve shown such resilience! Again!

I ran across a post on social media recently that I haven’t been able to shake. It’s a huge ‘Shout-Out’ to the Class of 2020. Here’s the content of the post:

“Class of 2020… you entered the world in the wake of 9/11. You graduate during a pandemic. No doubt these events will shape you. You are more empathetic than any other generation. You are independent, yet you are inclusive. You are hopeful, but realistic. You understand that the celebrations might have to wait, and you’re ok with that. You are mature beyond your years. We are so proud of you.”

Profound, honoring words for this year’s graduating class who have, once again, had their plans interrupted. I’m so glad I ran into this now so that as the next 12 weeks unfold—we can all watch in amazement how our young people lead us into new ways of showing empathy and independence, inclusivity and hope, realism and maturity.