Today’s Word: ‘Revolution’ as in… Palm Sunday: the revolution begins. I grew up absolutely loving Palm Sunday. In my home congregation the whole morning was amazing! I was endlessly fascinated... Read More


Today’s Word: ‘Jazz’ as in… in life, as in jazz, you may not know exactly what’s coming next, but you’ll need to be ready. There is still so much we really don’t know about the coronavir... Read More


Today’s Word: ‘resilient’  as in… I’ve been in a small group with seven spectacular high school students since last September. We’ve been meeting once each month to explore the seven rhyt... Read More


Today’s Word: ‘Phones’  as in… let’s try this together: let’s turn them off. Let’s shut them down. Let’s see what happens! I woke up to the gentle sound of a strumming guitar from an ... Read More


Today’s Word: ‘Adjust’ as in… there will be days when the nice, neat plans you’ve made don’t pan out like you plan out. You’ll have to adjust. There will be days when a deadline approach... Read More