Today’s Word: ‘connectors’ as in… here’s to our fond and deeply felt wish to be connected!

Oscar reached out to me this morning at 12:47AM. Along with thousands of other long-gone-asleep people, I received an email that absolutely made my day. When I finally woke up this morning, I read this message from the CEO of United Airlines:

“Dear Paul, I hope this note finds you and your loved ones healthy and well … these past weeks have been among some of the most tumultuous and emotional that any of us can remember in our lifetimes. The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been felt by individuals and families … around the world. The response to this crisis has been extraordinary; as much for what it has required from our society as for what it has revealed of us as a people. Far from causing division and discord, this crisis and the social distancing it has required, has allowed us to witness something profound and moving about ourselves: our fond and deeply felt wish to be connected with one another. The role of connector is one we’re privileged to play in the moments that matter most in your life – weddings and graduations, birthdays and business trips, events large and small – and it’s that responsibility that motivates us most to get back to our regular service, as soon as possible.”

Did you catch it? The response has been extraordinary as much for what it has required from our society as for what it has revealed of us as a people! Our willingness to respond is rooted deeply within us. That’s who we are. What our willingness reveals is illuminated through us. That’s what we do.

We’re most fully human when both are working together.

I see this constantly: people expressing affection, an exuberance about life, serenity, a willingness to stick with things, compassionate hearts, the conviction that ‘Spirit’ permeates everything, a commitment to loyalty, not needing to be forceful, an ability to deploy our resources wisely.

The Apostle Paul called all of this “fruit of the Spirit.”

Here’s to being Connectors.