Today’s Word: ‘Schedule’  as in… what happened to the old one?

Is it just me, or are you busier than you were “before?”

My schedule “before” went something like this: I’d wake up at 5:45AM, feed the pup, get dressed for a workout, take the pup out for a quick walk, bring her back in, grab my keys and drive to the gym. After the workout I’d head home, shower, get dressed, make a smoothie, kiss Nancy Lee goodbye and head to my favorite caffeine palace where Kacie, Billie, Jonathan or Aaron would ask: “You want the usual?” Then off to Prince of Peace and into another whole iteration of morning and afternoon scheduling: meetings, conversations, planning, writing, hoopla and hilarity, a run to the grocery store then home to Nancy Lee and the pup. An evening of downtime, some conversation with Nancy Lee, some reading, some TV, some piano, and then after some thought about tomorrow, bed, sleep, rinse and repeat. I had that schedule down pretty well.

It’s interesting how a Global Pandemic can throw well-worn schedule into disarray.

As we shelter-in-place we’re doing nearly everything differently. And for the most part – and with all due respect to places where things are, at this moment, really dire, we’re doing everything differently fairly well – for the most part. But my schedule now is much different than it was. I’m doing several of the same things, but in different order. I’ve had to let some things go completely, and I’ve settled into some new rhythms.

How about you?

Think about the schedule you followed a month ago. Now think about your daily rhythms. What’s the same? What’s different? Those two questions will reveal what you value most. The things that have risen to the top of the list now are the things that are most important now. But the big question is this: When whatever version of the “new normal” arrives, how will that time be different than this time? What are you doing now that you’ll probably hold on to?

It’s hard to say. Check your schedule!